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One Sporting World (OSW)  is a global CSR initiative from the UK’s Legacy 300 project which is centred around one idea that can be implemented at no cost or workload to corporates links athletes to support your choice of charity.  

Since 2012, OSW Athletes have been delivering VIP experience days, charities have leveraged individual entry fees to these experience days at no cost to them, raising £530K  in donations.

If you are donating to a good cause, OSW aims to enhance your corporate’s CSR / Fundraising budget using experience days to encourage donations to your chosen charity. There is no direct cost to your company and no workload.


The figure of £10,000 is just illustrative: Please insert your own estimate of donation you are likely to make to your chosen good cause.

  • If you are aiming to give £10,000 to your charity in 2022

  • We will work directly with the charity and allocate £10,000 worth of entry fees on experience days for them to sell prior to the planned date of your donation.

  • As since 2012, charity pass on the entry fees they sell, and retain the donations made on these sales. (Its how we have raised £530K and the participants entry fees keep the project funded .)

  • You still give the charity £10,000, they keep the donations and add that to your overall total given to them, enhancing your donated sum.

  • If the charity fail to sell any, no cost to them or you.

If your business or yourself donate £450+ per year to your chosen

good cause then One Sporting World is created for you.

Throughout the partnership with the world's athletes, we would be

continually on hand to help multiply the amounts you have already

raised for your chosen good cause.

AS AN ILLUSTRATION Please look at the last ten auction results.

This does not take into account the additional fundraising participants

are doing with the Beat the Medallist challenge.

For details of how to join One Sporting World movement

please contact the organisers on 

or download the CSR Summary sheet. 


If you are planning team building events anywhere around the world,

you can make a social impact with One Sporting World by utilising these unique Athlete Experiences.

As part of each experience day format, there will be challenges on the day.

  • The medallist sets a time or sporting target on the day.

  • The participant sets a time or sporting target on the day.

  • Fundraising for the chosen good cause gives you the bonuses to help you...Beat the Medallist.

As we move forward there are literally a world of possibilities with One Sporting World.


We pledge to pay the same rate to athletes around the globe so as a guide to what we can do DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE or contact David on or 07866 316 228.

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